Moon Bros.

These Stars

12" Vinyl Packaging
Label: Western Vinyl
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Matt Schneider's twofold path has always embraced both an abiding love for Chet Atkins and Nashville session virtuosity, and a begrudging though fruitful flirtation with Chicago’s post-rock underground and middleground. His reputation is such that top collaborators need not be sought, but are intrinsically curious to participate.
On These Stars, the sixth recording by the ever-shifting entity called Moon Bros., he is joined by Dan Bitney (of Tortoise), Matt Lux (Iron & Wine), and Sam Wagster (Cairo Gang). Each composition is instantaneous, improvised and launched as if fully formed, making sense only in relation to its own spontaneously formed rules of interaction… Songs aren’t so much finite concepts but endless ragas that he taps in and out of; consequently these pieces can’t be entered mid-stream. Instead the listener must participate in the universe as its created in order to live in it.